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Greenlight: You got it.

Welcome Creator Compadre! Picture yourself on a large white sandy beach, dotted with influencers of all shapes and shades, you're talking about what you love, your passions, your "My Reel 2016", your new presets, Instagram's algorithm in 2015, and of course your last trip to Bali. This is here. This is The Creator Community. πŸ˜‚ Okay. Yes, we like to have some fun at our own expense. On a real note, we want to make this a place for us. For our niche to put all bullshit aside and share/do as you please. It's a hub, a courtyard, and th... (More)
Start Here

What, Why, Where, How, When?

What: You in your human body clicking on this beautiful internet community platform

Why: Creators need a hub, a place where we can share, interact, and laugh: Ego's aside

Where: Here

How: Mostly our mothers & fathers birthing us, and of course the inventors of the Canon 1dx Markii, skydiving, and black ripped jeans

When: Now